June 13, 2017

Soar in 4 Orientation Night Rogers Garden-Bullock Elementary

Our first Soar in 4 evening began with a motivational video from Superintendent Dr. Diana Greene. Gretchen Rubin’s quote “The days are long, but the years are short” captures the nuance of Dr. Greene’s message. Her words resonated with the VPK parents as she shared they are raising tomorrow’s leaders today. And a parent’s investment of time, commitment, and “being present” today will lead to their child’s success tomorrow. To see Dr. Greene’s video in its entirety go to

Before reading the book Sky Color by Peter H. Reynolds the classroom teachers modeled for the families how to sit for a morning meeting. Mrs. Howe then demonstrated prompting questioning and zooming into the pictures while she read the story. The families got to interact throughout the story by predicting what would happened next.

The families will use the techniques that were modeled as they participate in the Summer Book Challenge. Each family left with a themed literacy bag that included their Suncoast Summer Reading Log and the Summer Reading Parent Guide. Before the next on campus family Soar in 4 event families were assigned “homework” to continue to engage in rich conversations and read alouds at least once a day. Families will then return their completed Reading Logs for our display wall.