June 21, 2017

Rogers Garden Bullock Soar in 4: Wonders of Water Unit Preview

The Soar in 4 summer program is designed to enhance positive parent-school communications through weekly teacher and parent communication throughout the summer. Last night our pre-kindergarten teachers welcomed families to their second summer family event at Rogers Garden Bullock Elementary School.

Our Wonders of Water Unit, which is our second unit of study, was previewed last night. Ms. Sylwia Konopko, a pre-kindergarten teacher, was our guest facilitator. After dinner she demonstrated a read aloud using the unit story Water by Frank Asch. Our Soar in 4 families explored water using their 5 senses and then used science tools such as tubing and pumps to discover that water has properties. Brrrrr! In one of our explore stations our families felt how water changed from one state to another. Our solid ice cubes were changing to melting as we touched them! We then became conservationists as we discussed where water is found and how to be responsible regarding water.

Our event culminated with each family leaving with their own water color paint set and seven themed books about water. The children who completed and returned their reading logs received a bracelet from the Suncoast Summer Book Challenge.