July 19, 2017

The STEAM Machine Visited Rogers Garden Bullock

Can you build a boat and make it float? Our summer VPK students did!

The Early Learning Coalitions Steam Machine was on the road and detoured to visit our summer VPK classrooms at Rogers Garden Bullock Elementary. Ms. Raquel and Ms. Sheila explained the principles of the scientific method in ways that made sense for our young scientists. Our children were given materials to build their own boat and then we watched what happened. The interactive lesson began with a discussion about boats and the children were encouraged to share their previous knowledge about boats. After our group story we made initial observations about types of materials that float and why they float. We came up with questions of interest based on our observations. We then developed a hypothesis or prediction to go along with our questions. Our kids were then provided with materials to build their own boats. The materials they were given are easily found in homes so experimentation and creativity can continue after they leave the classroom. After creating our individual boats the testing began. Would our boats sink or float? We tested our boats in tubs of water. We gathered and recorded the results of our experiments and drew conclusions. We then shared and discussed the results. Through our investigation we learned an important pattern – a boat’s size and shape make a difference in how much weight a boat can carry. Our young scientists learned that doing science and engineering involves making predictions, testing them, making observations and drawing conclusions is fun. AHOY!