August 3, 2017

Rogers Garden Bullock Let There Be Light!

Our pre-school children learn when we play with them because play and learning are intertwined. Last evening at Rogers Garden Bullock we previewed our Light and Shadows unit, with exploration opportunities using both natural and man-made sources of light. Families learned to extend light and shadows learning at home through conversations during routine times of the day “Do you see any shadows in the house?” “Where is the light coming from?” Where do you see light at night?” Children learn through positive interactions with caring adults who understand how children develop. Our families had opportunities for meaningful hands on learning experiences last night. Our young scientists were encouraged to observe, compare, predict, try out their ideas and discuss the results of their investigations with Mom and Dad. Curiosity and observing are fundamental scientific skills for obtaining information, constructing meaning and gaining knowledge about the world. The goal was to give our early learners experiences with science while fostering parent to child bonding. Last night we intentionally designed an environment that would provide brain building experiences for children and their families to explore together.