August 3, 2017

Sea Breeze Elementary Pre-K Families Splish Splash!

Last night at Sea Breeze Elementary we set up opportunities for early learning families to play together with water! Splashing, floating and sinking were part of the fun and exploration. As families explored the various explore stations they began to experiment and understand concepts such as more and less, same and different, many and few, before and after and counting. Families used eye and hand coordination by pouring, squeezing, stirring, squirting and painting. And we learned to play cooperatively while we shared equipment, space and materials. Water play is a meaningful experience for early learners and their families learned that they can continue this creative and academic exploration at home through discussion and investigation “Where does water come from?” “What makes mud? “ “How is ice made?” Our families were fully engaged in the scientific process. They supported their 4 year old child as they began to understand physics through flow and motion, chemistry through changing states of water, biology through plant and animal life and mathematics through measurement. Children learn from water play. It helps them further their understanding of how the world works, where things come from and how things are made. Exploring with water is engaging and engrossing and it’s even better when children can do it with adults who care for them.