August 14, 2017

August 9th Welcome Back Early Learning Educators

The Manatee Community Foundation hosted the Early Learning Teams welcome back breakfast for the Manatee Schools early learning teachers.   Our teachers and classroom staff are committed, hardworking and dedicated professionals and the Early Learning Teams wanted to  give them the recognition they deserve . The morning began with breakfast treats and a meet and greet.  This was a way to celebrate the beginning of the school year together and it gave the teachers a chance to reunite after the summer.  The meeting was informal, light and a great opportunity to discuss our goals for the year.  We sang and danced to the “My School Family” song by Jack Hartmann which is on the album “It Starts in the Heart.”  Conscious Discipline has taught us that songs and chants help calm and unify the class, and prepare all members for a day of joyful learning.  Modeling opportunities continued with the Brain Smart Start activity how to be a S.T.A.R. (Smile, Take a deep breath And Relax). This is an activity to disengage stress and create a sense of unity.  Our social and emotional learning will continue all year as it is the essential foundation for all learning.  The Early Learning Team provided updates on the STEAM Machine, Soar in 4 and the Early Learning Task Force.  And we concluded with identifying best instructional planned activities and experiences.  The intent of the morning was to nurture our early learning teachers and to show them that the early learning team is available to assist and support.