October 3, 2017

A “Frozen” Family Field Trip

Snow, winter, kingdom, ice, skates, and cold were just some of the vocabulary words our Soar in 4 Families were exposed to last weekend. Feld Entertainment Inc. provided complimentary tickets to our Soar in 4 families who participated in a minimum of 3 Soar in 4 family events this summer. Disney’s Academy Award winning film “Frozen” was brought to life at the Amalie Arena. The ice performance follows Anna on her journey to find her sister Queen Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom in an eternal winter. Anna is joined by her friends Kristoff, her reindeer Sven, and a snowman named Olaf. Along the way they met some mystical trolls and Anna leans that love conquers fear. Our early learning families were dazzled by the ice skating, special effects and unforgettable music. Our families delighted in this family field trip which was an incentive for attending the Soar in 4 summer program that was designed to prepare early learners and their families for school success. Family field trips are a great way to build background knowledge and gain the opportunity to develop new vocabulary. This experience provided a unique way for our early learners and their families to bond and provided an educational learning experience away from their regular school environment in a way that will leave a positive, lasting impact. This family field trip becomes even more valuable because our first content area of study is Nature all Around Us. After feeling cold and experiencing snow this lends to new thinking and discussions about how winter weather impacts nature. Thank you to Feld Entertainment Inc. for allowing our Soar in 4 families to experience relevant learning outside of the classroom.