October 3, 2017

September 6, 2017 Greeting Ritual Aprons

The transition from home to school can be challenging for some children. Greetings provide a way for the classroom teacher to connect with every student who enters the classroom each morning.

On September 6th our pre- k teachers attended a Conscious Discipline professional development training to learn the importance of morning greeting rituals. At the beginning of each school day, our pre-k teachers will consciously greet each child. This will help each child to connect with their teacher and it will prime them for a day of learning by fostering an optimal internal state before they enter the classroom.

Each child will identify how they would like to be greeted each morning. Classroom welcome choices might include a high five, a pinkie hug, a hug, guh (a backwards hug), a thumbs up, a smile, a handshake or doing the cabbage patch dance.

The teachers were each provided with a greeting apron from Lowes. Our teachers will wear the aprons each morning. Visual representations of each type of greeting will be displayed in the

apron pockets. Each child will choose the way that they would like to be greeted verbally or using the visual representation. Morning greeting rituals provide a structured way for staff to greet children upon arrival.

This morning activity builds connection and empowers children by offering an opportunity for successful decision-making.