January 11, 2018

Soar in 4 was FLY on January 9th

Our early learners and their families were FLY on Tuesday night.  Our FLY (Family Literacy Yearlong) Kits were debuted.  The FLY Kits contain materials and resources which were developed based on standards tested on the VPK assessment.  Each play-based kit includes 3 books, a social/emotional learning engagement, and family activities for Monday – Thursday.  The 22 complete kits will be distributed in Soar in 4 classrooms weekly for opportunities for literacy and math learning through play at home.

Encouraging children to engage in literacy learning at home, with their families, is an excellent way of reinforcing skills learned at school. Research has shown the use of literacy bags to be highly successful, not just for academic gains, but to encourage families to be part of their child’s educational journey.  Some of the benefits of our Soar in 4 literacy bags are

families become active and full partners in their child’s literacy and math learning, reading together is a social event and shared reading will allow the child to develop:

  • alphabet awareness
  • vocabulary
  • comprehension
  • phonological awareness (how sounds work: syllables, rhyme…)
  • print awareness (pages, covers, reading left to right…)
  • visual and auditory memory

These awesome reading and math kits were debuted after our family and school family dinner.  We began our evening with another episode of Ms. Luanne’s Front Porch.

Ms. Luanne explained the many benefits of playing with games and puzzles.  Puzzles and games help us to exercise both parts of of  brain. Ms. Luanne even took us on a virtual field trip to our neighborhood high school to see they types of games we can choose to play as we grow. Our families then picked a FLY Kit, read the stories and played games.

Games are fun and they are also very important for our brains and our bodies.  Our early learners and their families will be making them a part of their family’s weekly routine.   It’s not important who wins the game it is important that our brains and bodies are growing and getting stronger.  And we reminded our families to have fun while they are playing.  And even if they don’t win show they need to show they are a good sport and wish their friend well.  This way we all have fun, learn and grow together.