January 16, 2018

Our Early Learners help to break ground at the Mosaic Backyard Universe at the South Florida Museum

The Mosaic Backyard Universe will be a two-story interactive education exhibit for children ages 2-8 and their families. Designed to be a familiar setting – a backyard, the exhibit focuses on science, technology, engineering and math concepts through hands-on activities.

The transformation will include a hands-on learning center focused on science, technology, engineering and math, also known as STEM, for children ages 2 through 8. The concept is to show how every object in the museum is connected in some way and each has various stories about their history and the science behind them. Eventually, every object in the museum will be programmed with a Bluetooth device where families can explore any number of paths and engage with what they are most interested in by following the direction outlined on a tablet device.

The groundbreaking ceremony at the South Florida Museum recognized and honored Manatee Country Schools Superintendent Dr. Greene.  The museum board of directors and staff included our PreK children as an integral part of the groundbreaking ceremony for the Mosaic Backyard Universe.  It was a wonderful event and afterwards the children immediately went to work on their Buildings and Structures unit, by constructing their own renditions of the new museum in their outdoor learning center at the museum.