March 7, 2018


Do you like to build, and tinker and try new things? Then you are a maker!  Our Soar in 4 kids and their families came to the South Florida Museum to investigate how things work and discover how things are used.  They got to experiment and explore as they designed.  We learned that Makers are curious.  They see things and wonder why does that work?Tonight our families used their senses and hands to invent. Sometimes they even combined things together and used tools and different materials to make new things.

Making gives kids a chance solve problems and try things out in different ways over and over again.  Makers are inventors who view and experience our world as a true learning laboratory.  Making helps kids to build their brain.  It helps them to learn to think for themselves, to think creatively and look for do it yourself solutions.  Making is a place where curiosity and wonder come together with hands on exploration.

Our Soar in 4 Makers are innovators who will make our world a better place.  This night was an opportunity for families to explore and create together.

Our fun filled learning adventure began with information and resources for our families.  Jason’s Deli provided a tasty dinner while our United Way Suncoast friends shared information about Footsteps2Brilliance.  F2B is a bilingual on-line app that provides hundreds of books and games which families can access where ever they go. Manatee Technical College provided information on how to attend Adult Education Classes and earn a GED or participate in English classes.

Ms. Mary Kelly our Neighborhood Story Teller and Ms. Kathyryn Sjogren a Visual Artist, who are both from the Association of Florida Teaching Artists, helped us to imagine and then to create.  The Early Learning Coalitions STEAM Machine provided an engineering makerspace that challenged our families to use the scientific process-families tested several models of their experiments to determine success.  And the South Florida Museums exhibit “How People Make Things” told the story of how everyday objects come to be.  Every object we touch has a story behind it — the story of how it was made. We investigated was it sculpted, molded, folded, shaped? Shifted, shined, straightened or cut? Our time in the exhibit gave us hands-on opportunities to explore how things are really made.  Our investigation included crayons, sneakers and toy cars.

Our Soar in 4 Maker night was about design and engineering.  Our families came away with a sense of accomplishment because as they were engaged in learning they made things themselves.  A night of intuition and imagination encouraged creative talents in design thinking.