June 25, 2018

June 1st Summer Here We Come

Staff from 6 neighborhoods, Ballard, Blackburn, Bayshore, Oneco, Rogers Garden Bullock, Sea Breeze and Tillman were invited to the Manatee County Central Library to learn more about the Soar in 4 summer program and how to participate. This interactive meeting provided an overview of the Soar in 4 and Soar B4K program. 5 play based, interactive family nights will be hosted at 3 downtown locations, the South Florida Museum, the ArtCenter Manatee, and the Manatee County Central Library.

Our summer activities have been intentionally designed to engage families and help prepare their child for school, build capacity and confidence in families, and connect child outcomes to family engagement. These transformative family engagement nights will be supported by community partners. The South Florida Museum will provide the exhibit Things Come Apart, 40 Carrots and the Ringling Museum are offering art sensory activities, the Food Bank of Manatee will offer healthy eating demonstrations, the ArtCenter will provide an I Spy Gallery Walk and art activity, the ELC will provide steam activities and Kindermusic, Manatee Schools Early Learning teachers will provide Ms. Luanne’s Front Porch, math and literacy activities, the Library will host interactive story telling by the Association of Florida Teaching Artists, tinkering and beginning computer skills and the Manatee Health Department Coach will be offering immunizations and physicals. Each activity has been designed and aligned with early learning standards.

The Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading is working with Soar in 4 to provide the 2018 Suncoast Summer Book Challenge! Research shows that reading six books at the appropriate reading level during the summer may keep a struggling reader from regressing.

Early learning staff members from the community will be connecting with their student’s families to personally invite them to the Soar in 4 summer activities. Research has shown that families that participate in Soar in 4 feel more comfortable supporting their child’s learning at home, their child does better academically and has more day present.

Staff members from the early learning classrooms will be attending these play and learn nights. This is a creative way for families to gather and share information with teachers in a comfortable and fun setting.

The early learning teachers participated in a sensory walk from the library to the South Florida Museum and then went on a sound walk to the ArtCenter. Soar in 4 is an integrated community program for rising preschool and rising kindergarten children. Children and their families can explore and discover their world the way they learn best…THROUGH PLAY! and with their next year’s teacher and the staff from their new school. Soar in 4 has leveraged community resources and local partnerships to support these high-quality academic and enrichment activities to broaden experiences for our families to reduce the opportunity gap.