June 25, 2018

Our young scientists learned about Light and Shadows at 3 Locations

Early learning families learned about light and shadows and explored both natural and man-made sources of light.  This exploration took place inside and outside 3 downtown locations, the ArtCenter, the Central Library and the South Florida Museum.  The Health Department mobile coach attended and provided immunizations and physicals.

By reading books about lights and shadows, making up their own stories and creating shadow puppet shows, children strengthen early literacy skills.  Families walked from each location looking for their shadows.  Every play activity was designed for early learners and were aligned with the standards.  Families used flashlights to identify upper and lower case letters and used light tables to categorize shapes.  Families were encouraged to cooperate while tracing shadows using their fine motor skills with a variety of art materials.  In the tinkering area children designed and built block structures and used flameless candles to light them. They talked about trying different placements for better lighting of the spaces in their buildings.

Families learned to navigate through a light and shadows computer game gaining experience in using a mouse. We provided an opportunity to engage in design and construction while exploring light and transparency while working cooperatively.  Soar in 4 engagements with children and families not only help children to develop positive self-concepts, but also support new skills in science, technology, engineering and math! Families and educators are helping young children to think like scientists by encouraging them to observe, compare, predict, try out their ideas and share the results of their investigations.  Together with our community we are ensuring all our early learners will be ready for prekindergarten and kindergarten.