June 25, 2018

Meals On Wheels At The South Florida Museum

This past Wednesday was our very first Soar-In-4. We really had no idea what to expect. This is the first time we have participated in this event. We had a great time. The volunteers make the difference. The four volunteer ladies were Christy, Charlie, Kathrine and Chamadi. The four year olds came with their families, so we had a lot of people. Our theme was light and shadow. We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar (a book suggestion from the Early Learning Collation). The kids used flashlights to cast a shadow of paper cut outs of the fruit from the book. The ladies would read the book to the kids and families and then invite them to try the flashlights. We had a couple of handouts that helped the families use the story of the book to teach colors, numbers and days of the week.  When the kids were done they signed their name to a green caterpillar piece and became part of our community caterpillar. I also brought plums from the warehouse (The caterpillar eats a plum in the story) and invited the kids and families to try a plum. Our table was located outside (No food in the museum please) it was very hot. I brought iced waters and juice boxes.  We also handed out food pantry list so people could find food. All in all I was very pleased. A huge thank you to my volunteers.

I would like you to do me a favor. I put the hungry community caterpillar up on my window here at the Food Bank. Look at the picture and read the names. These are the reasons we do what we do. Each and every child represents thousands more who need a voice. We are the voice and the help for what they need!

The next dates are July 2, July 18 and August 1.