August 2, 2018

Exploring Nature

Our Soar in 4 night focused on the benefits of interacting with nature. We learned that when our children spend plenty of time playing outside it improves their chances of future health and academic success. Nature allows children to explore the natural world and learn about plants, animals, the weather, and our natural resources. We showcased how to use the natural world to strengthen other areas such as literacy and math. Various objects in nature were used as free tools for teaching. For example, letters and numbers can be found in our outdoor world. When we walked from location to location we tried to find shapes in nature that looked similar to letters and numbers. When families spotted a tree branch that resembled the letter “A” we not only identified the name of the letter but the sound of the letter.  When a friend noticed a cloud in the shape of the number “3” the family traced the cloud number in the air and then counted while they skipped 3 times! These practices readies our children for looking deeply which is a necessary concentration activity for early readers.  Traditional outdoor play can be combined with literacy and math learning for lots of great fun and exercise! Our nature-based learning activities taught our Soar in 4 families that learning together outdoors will strengthen our brains and our bodies.