August 2, 2018

Water is Every Where

We use water every day, we bathe in it, drink it, and cook with it.   Children love to scoop, pour, and explore, with water over and over and over again.

On July 18th we explored the physical properties of water, the changing states of water, rain and water’s role in nature, the many uses for water, and the changes that water can quickly bring about.

We focused on the proprieties of water; buoyancy (sink vs float), how water moves, and its various states (liquid, gas, solid).  We practiced math skills by counting how many scoops of water it takes to fill a pot and literacy skills when we fished for letters. We conducted water experiments and had fun investigating with water sensory activities.  And we did creative activities with water including water color painting, music and movement and dramatic play.  Teachers observed and asked questions to guide and to challenge the children’s curiosity and to test their theories as play with basters and funnels led to building a complex water system to drive a water wheel.

As children and families manipulated the water play materials, they began to understand why and how things happen.  They’re learning more because they’re the ones doing it, coming up with the questions and finding the answers.  It’s not just teachers sitting and presenting to them.  Families are exploring and learning together. Everything is integrated!