October 8, 2018

Soar in 4 hosted its first annual Cardboard Box Challenge on October 6th at the South Florida Museum.

Prior to the event our early learning community participated in a professional development workshop with Dr. Drew.  The Florida Association for the Education of Young Children (FLAEYC)  is a specialized community of more than 3,000 early care and educational professionals from Florida that promotes quality in early education in Florida and provides its members with a strong, united voice.  FLAEYC supported Dr. Drew’s  professional development continuum of learning on free, open-ended play and following the workshop staff supported activities and worked with children and their families.

Since 2012, in the fall of each year, kids everywhere take part in the Cardboard Challenge as a way to gear up for Imagination’s Day of Play. It all began following the overwhelming success of the short film, ‘Caine’s Arcade’, the story of a 9-year boy and his elaborate cardboard arcade.

The Carboard Challenge brings the world together around the value of creativity. It’s a worldwide celebration of the genius of every child and the simple things adults can do to foster it.

Play inspires children to create visible expressions, to see ideas take form, and to freely realize the power of their creative spirit. In this way, the child builds confidence, develops courage and resilience, learns how to play with others, and develops concepts and skills in mathematics, science, art, and communication.

This was an opportunity for parents and kids to let their imaginations run wild, explore their passions and discover new ideas. Our Soar in 4 community was strengthened through our Day of Play activities and as people come together to collaborate and celebrate family creativity.

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2018 FLAEYC Conference Presenters. We would like to take a moment to express our gratitude to all of the amazing presenters who joined us for this years conference.


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Dr. Drew’s Blocks have grown to be an award-winning educational toy for young children and families. Since the 1980s, we have worked intensively promoting creative play and using the blocks as a tool for developing mathematical thinking and science concepts.


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The Global Cardboard Challenge aims to raise a new generation of innovators and problem solvers who have the tools they need to build the world they imagine