October 10, 2018

Pumpkin Provocations

In early childhood teaching the term provocation is derived from the Reggio Emilia Approach. For children a ‘Reggio Inspired’ provocation is an open ended activity that doesn’t have a prescribed outcome, instead it is designed to stimulate ideas, initiative and imagination for and among children, whether they choose to explore their ideas alone or in groups.

Open ended style writing provocations provide materials such as papers/envelopes/cards and mark making implements to ‘provoke thinking” without specifying a designated outcome although they are always designed with ‘intention’ by the educators.

Thank you to the Detwiler’s Farm Market and the Food Bank of Manatee for donating pumpkins for fall provocations in each of our early learning Soar in 4 classrooms.

An exciting event like Halloween is a great opportunity to inspire children to try activities they might not normally try simply by putting a Halloween twist on them. In some classrooms children were asked to design a face for the classroom pumpkin. Even the most reluctant artists were eager to try their hand at creating a unique masterpiece!  This was a great opportunity for the children to talk about their preferences, past experiences with celebrations, and future plans.

Some classes looked closely at the “classroom” pumpkin and provided describing words to tell what the pumpkin looks like, how it feels, and information they may have already known about pumpkins in general.

We loved the conversations that surrounded the tables as our young mathematicians, scientists and artists explored the pumpkins in different ways.