October 18, 2018

October Soar is Embracing

Family and friends focused on the concept Embracing our Differences for our October theme.  Our hope is that the ideas presented at our Soar in 4 events become a part of our family’s home, their togetherness and their joy.  Families were able to visit 3 locations and participate in play based activities that were purposefully designed to support the standards taught in the classroom.  At the South Florida Museum family were able to travel from planet to planet investigating similarities and differences.  At the ArtCenter families used a variety of mediums on a texture hunt.  And at the Central Library families used technology to share stories. Families were encouraged to support learning at home through the use of an attitude box.  Families can decorate an old shoe box and place love notes, photos, awards and other special treasures inside.  Family members can open the box when they need a pick me up or virtual hug!  Families learned that they can easily create a Random Acts of Kindness Wall in their home.  They can write down and then display all the ways that family members are kind to each other.  They can also add how they are kind to members of their community.  At each location families visited pumpkin patches provided by Detwiler’s Farm Market and the Manatee County Food Bank. Families were prompted to describe their pumpkin using texture words, draw their pumpkin, measure the pumpkins height and the circumference and then make a hypothesis if their pumpkin would sink or float?  Families were then encouraged to go home and complete the experiment.  Just as all our pumpkins were different families learned, through play, that we are often more similar to others than we are different.  It’s not uncommon for people to live in communities where their neighbors look like them, belong to the same social circles, have familiar religious beliefs, and are in similar professional and economic situations. Attendance at Soar in 4 introduces families to a range of people and experiences. Respecting others, celebrating differences and being inclusive starts at home and is modeled throughout our Soar in 4 learning community.