October 19, 2018

Rogers Garden VPK is FLYing

The Family Literacy Yearlong (FLY) kits are a classroom set of 22 complete week long activities that have been designed to support the Florida VPK standards.  Each week the classroom teacher selects and distributes kits based upon individual student needs.  Each kit contains 3 books and daily opportunities for literacy, math and social/emotional learning through meaningful play at home.  Learning Pals, from United Way Suncoast, volunteer weekly using the FLY kits in the classroom setting.  This program pairs volunteer mentors with young students who need help reading. This important work ensures that our students understand how to use the materials at home. The FLY kits and this volunteer partnership are instrumental in building a strong literacy foundation.  88 percent of first graders who are reading below grade level will continue to read below grade level in fourth grade. Fourth graders who struggle to read are four times more likely to drop out of school as compared to proficient readers. Our FLY kits are a strategic resource that combines play and literacy skill development.  Play has the most profound effect on language and literacy development. The FLY kits and each of its activities are important in building a framework for literacy and strengthening school and home partnerships.