November 6, 2018


cassandra 3

cassandraCassandra is a first grader and she experienced her first Soar in 4 night at the Art Center. She danced around the room after making a snack. “She wants to come every day,” Mom says. “And twice on my birthday!” Cassandra adds. The family was thrilled to see a variety of activities and looks forward to attending other nights. “I want to make ornaments and love making the food!” Cassandra piped in enthusiastically. The first-grader had been a ReadingPal in pre-kindergarten—a program aligned with Soar in 4. “She still talks about her ReadingPal,” mom explained “She did not like reading much before the program, but now she excels at both reading and math.” Mom went on to explain Soar in Four is helping their family to create memories and it helps to keep Cassandra engaged in learning.