January 10, 2019

Join our Power of Presence Book Circle

The Power of Presence Book Circles

Joy Thomas Moore is President and CEO of JWS Media Consulting. Joy’s connections to a multitude of foundations and educational associations already make her a presence at national conferences, educational meetings and parent association gatherings. Joy has a unique set of skills communicating the critical issues facing our children. She continues to inspire parents and reach a new generation of Moms. As an investment in our community, as part of the Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, The Patterson Foundation is bringing Joy Thomas Moore to the region to discuss her book, The Power ofPresence. In conjunction with the author’s visit, The Patterson Foundation will be supporting registered Book Circles throughout the Suncoast region.

What is a Book Circle?

A group of at least 8 people who will read and discuss The Power of Presence by Joy Thomas Moore.

What support will be given by The Patterson Foundation?

Each Book Circle of at least 8 Members will receive invitations to an event featuring Peabody Award Winner Joy Thomas Moore, a copy of The Power of Presence for each member of the group, a discussion guide, and $100 for each group meeting. (Minimum of two meetings, maximum of five meetings.)

How do I register to lead a Book Circle?

You can register your Book Circle by visiting this link:

How do I join a Book Circle?

You can join a Book Circle by visiting this link:


This book will uplift and inspire all ages by telling stories of hope and explaining how you can be a voice in a child’s ear, even when you are not with them. There are so many moments in Joy’s book that are comforting and inspiring to single moms and parents of all kinds. – Mallika Chopra author of Living with Intent

Anyone who doesn’t know about Joy’s inspirational journey and how she has turned that hard-earned wisdom into valuable insights for parents is in for a real treat. I guarantee that parents will take away powerful lessons to pass on to their children that will help guide them throughout their lives. – Geoffrey Canada educator, author, and former president of the Harlem Children’s Zone


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