January 15, 2019

Soaring in December

Parents, guardians, and friends spent time tonight engaged in play-based learning. Playing games and solving puzzles together are two simple yet powerful ways to bond with children while also preparing then for kindergarten. Our continued hope is that families make the ideas presented at Soar in 4 a part of their home, their family togetherness and their child’s learning

As families played and explored they worked on the VPK standards for emergent reading and building relationships. Tonight our focus was on •Plays with peers in a coordinated manner including assigning roles, materials and actions • Maintains friendships and is able to engage in prosocial behavior such as cooperating, compromising and turn-taking • Names most letters (e.g., when shown an uppercase or lowercase letter, can accurately say its name) • Recognizes some letter sounds (e.g., when shown a group of letters, can accurately identify verbally or nonverbally, the letter of the sound given.)

Puzzles and games are fun and they are also very important for our brains and our bodies.  We encouraged our families to make them a part of their family routine.   It’s not important who wins the game! What is important is through play our brains and bodies are growing and getting stronger.  And families get to have fun and spend quality time while playing.

Santa, escorted by the Braden River High School Marching Band, visited each of our Soar in 4 locations.  The Sunrise Kiwanis distributed books to all and the Lakewood Ranch string quartet played holiday songs at the South Florida Museum.  The Lakewood Ranch High School Kiwanis volunteered to assist families as they played, explored and learned together.  Soar in 4 is truly an amazing community collaboration that supports our early learners and their families.