February 4, 2019

Arts Literacy

On February 2nd Soar in 4 teachers were invited to an Arts Literacy Professional Development workshop. This workshop was designed to help teachers support their students learn in and through the ARTS. The PAInT (Partnership for Arts Integrated Teaching) Center located at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee collaborated with Arts Literacy Specialist, Shelly Dorfman to use Embracing our Differences as the “text’ for this teaching and learning opportunity. The four hour workshop provided professional development for practicing teachers to increase their capacity to deliver high-quality instruction that integrates the arts into classrooms. Each teacher received a set of 6 books, classroom art supplies, a classroom from an artist to support classroom integration, free busing to an art exhibition and a classroom trip to experience the Embracing our Differences Art Exhibition. Creative experiences guided by intentional teaching produce learning opportunities for young children. When teachers effectively integrate the arts in lessons across the curriculum, children learn the fundamentals of math, language arts, and science that will prepare them for success in school, and for a life of engagement in the arts.