February 4, 2019

Living Life on the Edge

On January 26th our teachers, support staff and community members participated in the Life on the Edge simulation hosted by Step Up Suncoast and the Manatee County School District. The simulation shows the reality of poverty. During the one-hour simulation, participants were asked to play the role of a family in poverty for four weeks. The hour was broken up into four 15-minute weeks, where individuals were put in real-life scenarios. In that time, they had to pay for food, utilities, loans, clothing, medical expenses and school supplies, among other expenses. Mock family groups were given specific monthly incomes. One group was given $1,056 or $892.32 after taxes. At the end of the simulation, participants met for a debrief to share their experience. Our hope was to raise awareness of the day to day struggle of Living Life on the Edge in Manatee County and the implication it has on our student’s in our classrooms.