February 12, 2019

Antonio has Priorities!

Antonio, a 2ndgrader at Bayshore Elementary and his younger brother, who attends daycare “brought” their father to Soar in 4 after hearing about the opportunity. “Antonio really wanted to see the South Florida Museum,” explained their father who works at a local Amscot branch. “They lose almost every other flyer, but Antonio made sure I saw this one!” The two boys made their way through the South Florida Museum exploring and playing with each activity Soar in 4 offered. “They really loved it,” Dad said at the end of the night. “I’m glad we came… and that he did not lose the flyer,” he continued with a laugh.

Antonio’s younger brother learns to paint nebula using watercolors and salt.







 Antonio plays at the tinker station in South Florida Museum’s new classroom.








Antonio writes an “I’m Thankful For” note on the Soar in 4 community’s joint art banner for Embracing Our Differences.  His brother was happy to join him.