February 12, 2019

Future CEO Josiah

Josiah King has some suggestions for his mother’s boss. The Bayshore VPK student has come to every Soar in 4 this year, including the summer activities. “Mom, do you get to do storymaking at work?” he asked his mother. When she responded no he continued “Well, Mom tell your boss you need to do storymaking!”  Mom loves Soar in 4. “I get to be creative with Josiah and connect with my son. We do arts and crafts! I get to join in and play without judgment.” Josiah love the exploratory nature of Soar in 4 and the storymaking. “People at work really should do storymaking” he insists.

Josiah shows off his Suncoast Campaign for Grade Level Reading bracelet that identifies him as a reader!






Josiah and his mother play in the tinker station in the new classroom at the South Florida Museum.