February 12, 2019

Isabella and Michael

Isabella and Michael have been attending Soar in 4 for two years with their grandmother who is their full-time guardian. These Sea Breeze students continue to return to South Florida Museum to check on the manatees and engage in the new activities. Storytelling has been a pivotal part of Michael’s growth and ability to thrive. “Michael struggles so much with reading, but the stories made a big impression on him. He struggled so much with reading, but last year started to fall in love with storytelling and now is doing much better with reading. Miss Bailey [Michael’s teacher] works to connect storytelling with reading so that he can also be inspire by reading. He loves art and the artistic nature of storytelling, which he now is staring to recognize with reading.”  Soar in 4 intentionally targets its activities to reinforce vital aspects of school curriculum.

Isabella makes certain to check on the manatee every Soar in 4, looking for new friends.

Isabella and Michael are both thriving thanks to Soar in 4, the efforts of their grandmother and teachers.