February 12, 2019

Leanna and Madison

Leanna and Madison who attended Soar in 4 for the first time at The Ringling in January decided to attend the monthly Soar in 4 nights downtown. Mom expressed that the family enjoyed the two opportunities so much that they plan to attend monthly. Mom shared her appreciation for the ways the School District and the community works together to reach out and support families. The family received a voicemail from the School District, which made them feel that the District was working together across various departments.  Leanna and Madison truly loved the hands on activities. Leanna squealed her favorite part was being able to code the robot to navigate the colors. Because Soar in 4 was hosted at the library, the whole family received their first library card. “We have never been here before,” Mom explained “and now we can take home books to borrow and learn whenever we want!”