February 12, 2019

Newo and Apollo

Newo, a kindergartener at Ballard and Apollo her 20 month old brother attend Soar in 4 for the first time with their dad Trevor at The Ringling. A single father and native of Bradenton, Trevor seeks opportunities for his children to learn and play in their community. “Soar in 4 is engaging and these activities link basic skills, play, and wordly art together in a unique way. This model is also wonderful for families as it speaks to both older and younger siblings; it is something we can all enjoy as a family.”

Trevor introduces son, Apollo, to words around shapes and materials while constructing a miniature model of Atlas.

Newo (5) focuses on the details of her statue’s arms. “I have to make them long and even,” she explains.





Newo mirrors the famous Atlas sculpture, holding up a beach ball that represents the world.







Newo learns about light and film development as she watches a Polaroid photo of herself come into focus.