February 12, 2019

Wyatt and Mom Return!

Wyatt , a kindergarten student at Blackburn, and his mom first visited “Soar in 4” in October.  Wyatt fell in love with the musical instruments and mom hoped that Soar in 4 would help Wyatt be less shy. In January, we found Wyatt crawling across the carpet with his new friends from Soar in 4.  “He just loves it now,” his mom explained. “Ever since Wyatt first came to the Art Center, he’s loved this program. He yells with happiness whenever I say Soar in 4.” Mom glows saying how happy she is that Wyatt is learning. Mom and Wyatt were exploring the bug activity and using hand lens to see the bugs up close. The children and families then engaged in conversations with the facilitators and asked questions. Originally Wyatt love the musical instruments but now he is interacting with other children and is thrilled when he sees fellow students and Soar in 4 friends. “It’s a FREE space to do FREE things and connect with others, “says Mom.  “This helps us to get out of the house and interact [it’s important] because Wyatt has always been so shy. Since Wyatt connects with his teacher and friends at Soar in 4, he now connects better at school. “  “We both take a lot of new information home, and Wyatt will randomly talk about areas of learning such as the new mammoth teeth. I am now better able to keep him occupied at home with activities that support learning since coming to Soar in 4 and gathering ideas,” Mom said excitedly.  She is thrilled with Wyatt’s growth since October.

Wyatt and Mom draw and play together, excited that they have returned to Soar in 4!






Wyatt and his friends at Soar in 4 are able to observe realistic models of bugs and ask questions.




Wyatt interacts with new friends after building his confidence. He has begun to thrive thanks to Soar in 4.