February 22, 2019

Thanks Berry Much!

Thank you to the Food Bank of Manatee for providing strawberries for our students to explore.  Our classrooms started off the day by introducing the fruit and then inviting the children to share what they already know about the item.  Many of the children were able to name the fruit.  Our teachers invited other types of conversation by asking questions such as, “How do you think this will feel?” or  “smell?” or “taste?’ and “Where do you think this comes from?”  After a brief discussion, we were able to taste. Part of the science experience in preschool is using your senses.  After taking a few minutes to talk about and explore the strawberries in circle time, the lesson extended to a classroom experience in center areas.  Thank you to our Food Bank of Manatee friends for allowing us to explore science in our preschool classrooms that is meaningful, interesting, engaging, and real.