March 4, 2019

The Power of Presence Continues

This week our book circles used a jigsaw technique. We divided up the reading last week by choosing a Presence that spoke to us.

Upon returning this week circle groups were presented with a blank sheet of paper.  A number, representing a Presence, was assigned to a specific location on the sheet.  Each member was asked to create a visual representation of the Presence they selected and to identify a word that captured the theme of that Presence. Members were asked to consider the foreground, middle ground and back ground of the image they were going to create and to calculate what mediums they were going to use.  Their visual representation was to be done with intention.

After approximately 15 minutes members were asked to share their Presence, their picture image and their word.  They were encouraged to explain the Presence in greater detail through their art.  After the original member/artist shared then each of the other circle members added an image to the original drawing.  Each member then spoke to the image they added and provided an explanation.

This unique opportunity allowed circle members to share in a different and deeper way.