March 18, 2019

Soar in 4 inspires para-educator to pursue career in early education

“She’s not yet in VPK,” Amanda says, watching her 4-year-old daughter Abigail bounce between the activities and building blocks while baby Aleyna practices crawling on a mat nearby. “I was so worried about Abigail feeling left out or missing something, but with Soar in 4 she has great opportunities to learn.” The family does not miss any of the Soar in 4 nights so they can take advantage of the free opportunities that they could not afford without the event. “It is often so expensive to take the kids somewhere, but Soar in 4 is not just free … It is also better quality activities. I have learned multiple things to work with her at home.

A few months back, I realized Abigail did not know how to use scissors; it is now a skill we practice.” Amanda, a para-educator for third graders at Blackburn, was so inspired by the impact of Soar in 4 on her family and others that she is now pursuing a career in early education.