April 8, 2019

A New ‘Favorite’ Every Month!

“PLAY DOH!” Blackburn VPK student, Alara, shouted when asked her favorite part about Soar in 4.  Then she dashed over to The Food Bank of Manatee’s activity, unable to wait a second longer. Their second time at the Art Center and seventh time at Soar in 4, Alara and her mom return for a myriad of reasons. “I love that every activity is interactive…she learns so much using the connecting blocks. Alara loves to hold things and to build. I also feel that reading connects Alara to school work; reading in this exciting environment and getting books from home means that we are more excited to read at home.”

Alara, a VPK student at Blackburn, chooses paper and feathers for her art pieces at the March Soar in 4 event while a volunteer assists her.