April 8, 2019

Socialization Skills and More!

Sophie is a home-schooled first grade student who has attended Soar in 4 five times with her grandmother. When asked about her favorite activity, she could not pick one. “Play in the sand…the music…” and on and on she joyfully listed discoveries at Soar in 4! The family struggles to complete all activities at even one site, let alone three! Most important to her grandmother is Sophie’s ability to socialize and share with others her age, which is something that is more difficult to do when home-schooled. “We have groups, participate in programs like ‘Music in Motion’ [Parenting Matters], and visit the library often, but Soar in 4 is a whole different level of socialization and truly fills a need.” Grandma went on to say that she brags to everyone about Soar in 4. “I just can’t believe they offer all this for free.”