May 22, 2019

Blackburn Students monthly reunion with VPK Teacher

Victoria (1st grade) and Iker (3rd grade) attend Soar in 4 with their father and baby brother, Oscar monthly. Victoria and Iker regularly meet with Victoria’s VPK teacher, Ms. Mattei, from Blackburn Elementary at the monthly Soar in 4 events. “When Victoria started VPK, she did not speak any English,” Mrs. Mattei remembers. She attributes Victoria’s growth to participating in the VPK program and attending Soar in 4 events.

Victoria and Iker claim that robotics are by far their favorite part of Soar in 4; “We don’t get to do this at class!” Iker exclaimed excitedly while peering closely at this creation.

Dad lists endless positives of Soar in 4—the crafts, dancing rooms, robots and science activities. He almost always brings his children to the library because of the robotics station.

Victoria’s former VPK teacher from Blackburn Elementary, Mrs. Mattei, shows Victoria and Iker, new additions to the robotics table as dad and baby Oscar play legos in the background. “I love seeing them and how much they’ve grown,” Mrs. Mattei says, excited about their monthly reunion.