May 22, 2019

“Soar in 4 means that much to us”

“If I could leave a review then I would. Soar in 4 means that much to us.”

Lana glances between her daughter, Alisa (VPK), and son, Mike (2nd grade), coding with robots at the Central Library during the April Soar in 4. The family came from Russia two years ago; Mike did not speak English at the time, but is now fluent. He loves reading and is thrilled to receive a book every Soar in 4.

The family loves the Soar in 4 nights and can always be found at the Library or the Museum. “I ask the kids which activities they want to do and they always pick Soar in 4. I love that there are always different programs available as well as repeat activities so they can perfect and learn more deeply about the same topic.”