June 17, 2019

Katana and Tyson love Legos at first Soar in 4 visit!

Katana (3rd grade) and Tyson (2nd grade) attended Soar in 4 for the first time on June 16th. Katana was excited to read the nutrition time vocabulary words; her favorite parts of Soar in 4 included the free snacks and the Legos. “We have some Legos at home… but these are really awesome.” Her brother, Tyson, was also enthralled by the Legos and the virtual reality. “I have never done anything like that before!” he exclaimed while building with the Legos. Both children attend Rogers Garden Bullock and look forward to attending many more Soar in 4 nights.






Katana reads the vocabulary list at the snack station







Soar in 4 attendees frequently claimed the Legos station as their favorite activity, mentioning new vocabulary words around building.