June 17, 2019

Second year Soar in 4 attendee Wyatt is starting Kindergarten!

Wyatt and Mom returned to Soar in 4. He is starting his second year of continuous attendance. Having completed his VPK at Blackburn, Wyatt will be moving to the new Barbara Harvey Elementary School for Kindergarten. Over the year of attending Soar in 4,  Mom explained that Wyatt’s love for the event has never wavered. “’Is it time to go yet? Is it time for Soar in 4 yet?’ he asks almost daily. When Wyatt first attended Soar in 4, he was so shy that he hid next to Mom. Now, Wyatt interacts with new and old friends at Soar in 4. “He has improved so much—especially his speech. We are so grateful for Soar in 4 and excited for a new year.”