June 17, 2019

Siblings Ariyana and Aaron share an evening of hands-on fun

“I got super scared of the cow,” Ariyana said in mock-seriousness while brother Aaron snorted with laughter as his sister described their experience with the virtual reality experience at Soar in 4. The incoming 4th and 6th graders attend Palmetto Elementary and their younger brother just finished VPK at a nearby center. Squishing their hands in shaving cream, the siblings casually joked and chatted back and forth, building upon and finishing each other’s sentences. “This stuff is great,” they explained. “We do some of the same kind of stuff at school…but this is talking about ideas and learning while actually doing things. So it’s like school plus fun.” They continued to talk about their interest in hands-on learning, finishing each other’s sentences and truly enjoying a fun sibling evening.