June 19, 2019

Hailey, 3rd grader at Sea Breeze Elementary, meets new friends and teachers!

“We came back this summer on Monday!” Hailey said, practicing the well-known dance move ‘The Floss’ as her great-grandmother (and guardian) laughs, asking her fruitlessly to calm down. A 3rd grader at Sea Breeze, Hailey danced around while sharing her love of the shaving cream activity on Monday and relating it back to some lessons at school. “I met some new friends…and some of my new teachers!” Hailey also enjoyed seeing old friends and hugged Oneco teacher, Thao Le. Great-grandmother enjoys meeting different adults and watching all the children and guardians have fun. “We started coming last year,” she said as Hailey continued to dance around and pass out high-fives eventually bouncing over to play Legos with some new friends and her new teacher.