June 20, 2019

June 19th 407 Curiosity Seekers Engaged at Soar In 4

Tonight we focused on childhood curiosity with the help of WEDU PBS, PBS KIDS friends and Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat! According to Zero to Three, nurturing your child’s natural curiosity is one of the most important ways to foster a love of learning. From a teacher’s perspective, curiosity is the energy behind learning. In fact, research shows that it is a child’s internal desire to learn, not external pressure, that motivates a child to seek out new experiences and it will lead to greater success in school over the long term. During this Soar in 4 evening families engaged in activities that allowed their child to take the lead. Children need the freedom to change their interests so flexibility is important. Families had open ended conversations with their child to encourage thinking about the world around them. These questions did not have a right or wrong answer. The questions prompted deeper thinking and new vocabulary. Families explored interesting environments such as yoga, engineering, story making, virtual reality, science and art. These areas posed new family challenges which were connected to classroom to learning. Curious investigation will help prevent the summer learning slide and increase academic success.