July 15, 2019

Siblings Mason and Emma visit Soar in 4 for the first time!

Their first time at Soar in 4, Mason (5th grade, Oneco) was enthralled with the 3D printing pen while his sister Emma (1st grade, Oneco) constructed structures out of Legos. “It’s a tough choice between my favorites… Virtual Reality or this 3D Printing,” Mason explained, concentrating on his art. “I am just so glad we can finally come!” Mom shared. “We have been wanting to, but I was always working. We are so happy to finally be here.”








Mason does 3D printing for the first time. An incoming 5th grader at Oneco, Mason enjoys the technology aspects of Soar in 4 the most.












Mason makes a new friend during 3D printing while facilitator, JanJay, shows the kids how the technology works.















Mason’s little sister, Emma, plays with Legos before joining her brother for some 3D printing.