July 17, 2019

Discovering Soar in 4

Parents, guardians and friends, tonight we spent time learning through discovery. Children are often compared to little scientists, as they use their five senses to “experiment” with the world around them. A child’s senses are built in “tools” that provide valuable information about the world in a natural “grownup free” way. Children thrive when they have time to draw their own conclusions about new experiences and then have guidance from the adults in their lives to confirm ideas. As you explore, try to use a childlike point of view; get down low and up close. By experiencing the world through your child’s eyes, you can rediscover wonder and connect with your child. You can support your child’s ability to learn efficiently by building background knowledge at home. Background knowledge is what the child comes to school knowing about a particular subject. Giving you child hands-on ways to the world helps teachers building lasting learning by tapping into a child’s prior knowledge. When connections are made from background knowledge to new ideas, learning is more meaningful and motivating.