July 17, 2019

The Misadventures of Seefus Slug

Local author and illustrator, Laurel MacQuarrie, joined Soar in 4 last night, to read her book “Seefus Slug Goes to Sleep” followed by hands-on activities for the entire family.

Soar in 4 families practiced their listening skills during the reading. We learned that Seefus Slug doesn’t like sleeping in bed. “Slug Sleep Time” is something his poor Mum dreaded. Mum tried all the tricks to help him at night but Seefus put up quite a laughable fight. Mum has grew tired of losing her slumber. The nights she’s lost sleep…we couldn’t even number! Finally Mum hatched a plan in her mind to solve “Slug Sleep Time!”

Following the reading families explored the learning engagements set up throughout the Central Library. Families engaged at the shaving cream sensory table that provided opportunities to compare textures such as smooth, rough, hard and soft, they used play-dough to create other comical solutions to get Seefus’ to sleep, families went on a virtual reality tour of a chocolate factory, and art met engineering at the 3D pen learning engagement.

Architecture, textures, yoga, literacy and math centers allowed families to be self-motivated by concentrating on things that were interesting to them. Mindfulness can help to support healthy adult-child relationships.

All of the Soar in 4 learning engagement areas are connected to classroom learning. Families get to play, explore and learn together while keeping their families academically connected over the summer.