August 2, 2019

Becoming a Super Reader with Super Why!

The goal at Soar in 4 is to ensure that every student becomes a super reader by the time they reach third grade. Reading is a complex activity that is best taught both at home and in school. Tonight we presented a few key elements to get families started. Our goal is that families will continue to explore literacy on their own to promote a love of reading at home. Our learning areas focused on vocabulary and comprehension. To support these areas talk to your children often, sharing words and experiences. As a family try to learn a few new words each week. Ask questions while reading. Another area families explored was phonemic awareness or the ability to manipulate sounds heard in spoken words. Practice rhyming and sound manipulation such as changing the /c/ in the word can to a /p/. Families should also practice compound words such as cheese + cake = cheesecake. Make early reading skills fun by going on a letter hunt. Learning that letters and their sounds are all around helps children to feel more connected and helps to support their working memory. And our friend, Super Why! visited both locations to encourage families to address early literacy skills together!