August 2, 2019

Inspiring Us to Dream Bigger

Children’s author, Jane Plitt, joined Soar in 4 on Monday, July 29th at the Central Library to read and sign copies of her book Martha’s Magical Hair. This true story encourages children to dream and to do good. Countless children and their families listened with rapt attention as author Plitt told the true story of Martha Matilda Harper, a Canadian-American businesswoman, entrepreneur, and inventor who built an international network of franchised hair salons that emphasized healthy hair care. Born in Canada, Harper was sent away by her father when she was seven to work as a domestic servant. She worked for 25 years before she saved enough money to start working full-time producing a hair tonic she invented. The product, and the creation of special hair salons that utilized it, was successful. Harper began franchising the salon model and by its peak the company included more than 500 franchises and an entire line of hair care products. Ms. Plitt presented two readings which were followed by group discussions focusing on entrepreneurship. The young readers discussed the possibilities of transforming their lives through private enterprise. After the reading each family left with a signed copy of the book and went on to engage in a variety of learning centers. Coding, virtual reality, story making and circuitry exploration areas allowed for continued discussion of future dreams and careers.