August 7, 2019

Elliot and Alia attended Soar In 4 at the Central Library!

Elliot (VPK) and Alia (homeschooled) enjoyed making drums at Soar In 4. They attended Soar in 4 at the Central Library last week and kept naming their “favorite” parts. Alia mentioned both learning how to use a 3D Pen and developing an engineered mouse maze. Elliott loved the Ozobot robots and making a windboat out of life savers, as well as the opportunity to play with new groups of friends. Mom’s favorite part has been seeing everyone so happy and engaging while learning. She appreciated the modeling — learning new skills and how to interact with her children. “Every station is different and always changing,” she commented. “I love everything about here and am excited for the new school year to begin.”










Mom models how to use a stapler while Elliot looks on.









Making drums at Soar In 4 using beans and paper plates.