August 7, 2019

Mom shares gratitude for the myriad of resources offered at Soar In 4!

Two moms brought their kids to play at Soar In 4. As they shared a meal, they were shocked and awed by the manatees and then played in The Bishop’s Courtyard. “It is amazing to get out of the house, do something different… and free,” explained Kyla’s Mom. When asked her favorite part, Kyla kept repeating “Everything!” while her mom laughed. “Well, it is hard to choose. Everything is so fun and exciting. We love that they are connecting with others and are just so happy.”

Kyla’s mom also expressed gratitude for the resources. “We recognize how so many families might never be able to attend the museum or might be short dinner tonight. “I know that some families cannot afford meals so having this option is so vital. I am so glad that we can all share in this together, regardless of what economic background we have or where we live. It really is community coming together.”